Data Hubs For Health

Making the most of your health data means making it accessible for expert analysis, yet health data is often sensitive and access should be restricted to approved systems and stakeholders only.

A health data hub is an online platform that enables the Ministry of Health to efficiently and securely implement data licensing and access protocols, and safely pursue collaboration with a wide range of internal and external partners.

Our international collective of software engineers and data scientists have years of specialist experience in ICT4D and the integration, management and visualisation of public health data.

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Trusted Globally

A social enterprise working with UN field experts, Ministries of Health, and other local partners across the globe, especially in low and middle income countries.

How we can help

A data hub is a web-based application for the consolidation and secure sharing of quality-controlled data. It sits right at the heart of your integrated Digital Health Platform (DHP) and can be configured to deliver all the core DHP software services if desired. It does not replace existing data management systems, but compliments them, providing a fully-interoperable, secure, and unified gateway to all approved data.

Centralising Data

Consolidation of data from fragmented systems into a single secure, interoperable data hub, to act as one-stop-shop for stakeholders to access data approved for sharing.

Sharing Data

Share each dataset with specifically approved stakeholders using secure, password-protected access management; or publish your data openly with clear data licensing agreements in place.

Visualising Data

Interactive maps, dashboards and visualisation tools help showcase your data in real time to key stakeholders.

Processing Data

Automation to combine multiple data sources, run calculations and load the result into your data hub or other target system.

Securing Data

Archive your data in backed up and encrypted datastores, Our infrastructure experts put in place state of the art security measures to protect your data and keep an audit trail of who is editing it.

Discovering Data

Detailed metadata coupled with powerful faceted search to ensure that data remains discoverable as your data hub grows over the long term.

Migrating Data

We can build software to efficiently and reliably migrate data from old databases and systems into your data hub or other platform.

Validating Data

Automated checks for data validity, consistency and plausibility. Detailed validation reports highlighting exactly where errors occur in datasets.

We cover a huge range of data-related tasks and we're always happy to have a chat to see what you need. If you have something in mind that you can’t see listed, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Can you be more specific?

Many of our partners use DHIS2 to collect public health data. Data from DHIS2 and/or other systems is exported, combined, cleaned and analysed for reporting purposes. The finalised data is stored on private computers and mannually distributed to partners via unencrypted email. A data hub improves on this by providing a centralised platform to store, manage and access the finalised data, as well as to automate parts of the data management process.

Has this been tried elsewhere?

Many governments and institutions use data hubs to manage, share and publish their data. Public examples include and, though several institutions also host similar systems privately. Fjelltopp has built a data hub for UNAIDS Geneva to support their HIV estimates process, called The AIDS Data Repository ( and has other data hubs in the early stages of development.

How much does it cost?

Fjelltopp provides consulting time at discounted rates for projects that align with our social mission. The total cost of the project is dependant on the scope of the requirements laid out by the client. We have assembled a fully costed proposal detailing how the first phase of the project might proceed, along with a data management agreement clearly stating that all data ownership remains with the client.

What technology is used?

We would build your data hub with CKAN, a popular open-source Python project used by governments and NGOs worldwide. Our open-source software is free for your IT team to use and build upon without need of a license - there is no vendor lock-in.

A value driven social enterprise

Registered as a Social Enterprise in the United Kingdom, committed to ethical business practices and our social mission before profit.

"Working with Fjelltopp has been a pleasure. The team is responsive to our technical needs, has quickly picked up the complexities of our substantive work, and has been forward-thinking by identifying solutions that our clients will appreciate."

Dr Mary Mahy, Epidemiology Team Lead, UNAIDS Geneva

UNAIDS Data Repository Case Study

Technical Excellence

We seek out technical excellence. It is our ambition to offer attractive employment that leverages some of the world’s most qualified engineers and scientists to solve some of the world’s most important humanitarian challenges.


We believe in openness. Almost all of our solutions are open source and built upon other open-source solutions, meaning that the code is freely accessible from the internet. Some of the poorest countries in the world use our software; we believe it is important that they can continue to do so without paying out large license fees.


We work hard to bring about sustainability. There is no value in placing an unsustainable solution upon an ill-prepared community. We partner with our clients and user groups to improve local capacity for maintaining our solutions. We provide training, advice, mentorship and long-term support contracts.

Driven by social objectives

We are driven by our social objectives laid out in our articles of association: to relieve those suffering from sickness, poverty or distress, in any part of the world, through the implementation and promotion of software solutions and scientific research.

Trusted by NGOs in 12 countries

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